Monday, 5 October 2009

Christmas? Oh no it isn't!

Another weekend has flown past in a flurry of housework chores and essential shopping - before we know it, the Christmas season will be in full tinsel bedecked swing!  It's only the beginning of October and already the stores would have us believe Christmas is nigh, but I'm determined to enjoy the seasonal celebrations in an appropriate order ... Halloween and Guy Fawkes night first, then and only then, will I embrace Christmas!

And just to prove my point, I started work on Witchypoo Number 2 on Saturday!

At the moment, she looks a little like an angelic E.T ...

Still fiddling around with her boots ... the first coat is drying in this pic.

Several coats of paint and potion later, she has distressed brown pointy boots.

Now it's time to decide which witchypoo frock she'd like to wear for her big night out ... this one?

... Or this one?
Sorry Witchypoo Number 2, you'll have to wait until next weekend to be dressed - those Magical Mayhem bears are demanding my attention this week!


  1. Oh, it's great how you paint the eyes! I would prefere the fabric with cats, but the other is also nice!


  2. I love her face - you do such a great job with your dolls!

  3. Wow you've got these spot on, fabulous!

  4. She is lovely! I'd like to see it all very soon)))


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