Monday, 22 June 2009

Summer Solstice, poppies, a megalith and a trip down memory lane!

Stuart, surveying the view from the top of Bluebell Hill

It was Summer Solstice yesterday and I had a fancy to take my little point 'n shoot camera out for a stroll, so we parked at the top of Bluebell Hill and went in hunt of a local megalith. After snapping a few quick pics of the fabulous view, complete with obligingly dramatic cloud formation, we headed downhill, in the direction of Stuart's childhood stomping ground.

The megalith we were hunting for, sits in a field close to the house Stuart lived in as a child, so we ambled down the hillside until we reached Kits Coty, then pushed our way through overgrown woodland tracks which looked as though they'd been untrodden for the entire three decades, since Stuart was last there!

'Kits Coty House'

It may not be awe inspiringly huge, but this monument to ancient England is intriguing. Known as 'Kits Coty House,' it is actually the remains of an early burial chamber, reportedly older than Stonehenge. There are inscriptions carved into the stone as if visitors over the centuries hoped that by leaving their memorial mark on these steadfast stones, they too might claim the right to be remembered long after departing this mortal coil. Sadly now the stones have been clumsily fenced to 'protect them' ... (although apparently this was no obstacle to at least one young boy intrigued enough to climb over and experience the stones at close quarters many years ago!)

To my delight, behind the megalith was a field of beautiful poppies, posing perfectly for the camera!

The only problem with walking downhill, is that at some point, you have to climb back up! After a lovely time photographing my pretty poppies, we trundled back through thick woodland in search of another remembered childhood track. The idea was that it would provide us with a shortcut back to the top of Bluebell Hill and yes, it certainly did that - however, as we all know, time plays tricks on the memory and Stuart had forgotten just how steep this particlar pathway was ... what this photograph fails to convey is that my heart felt as though it was about to explode from my chest!

Father's Day at the Bluebell Hill Memorial

Not only was it the Summer Solstice yesterday, it was also Father's Day. A poignant tribute of flowers and cards had been placed at the memorial of the three Air Ambulance crew who tragically lost their lives when their helicopter crashed close by, in 1998.


  1. Poppies are absolutely my favourite flower and I loved your photographs of them.

  2. I enjoyed reading about your adventure and seeing another part of the world with someone who has a history there. I've walked up a similar hill recently so I understand the effort though you don't look as if it was much trouble at all! Great photos!


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