Thursday, 25 June 2009

Postcards from across the pond!

Teddy Bear Review magazine - August 09 issue

Hip hip hooray for the USA indeed! Even after all these years, I never fail to be excited when I see my bears in print and this week, I couldn't have been more delighted to have the US 'Teddy Bear Review' magazine drop through my letterbox, because they have kindly included me in their 'Postcards across the Pond' feature, including a lovely photograph of Victor! It may sound daft, but I was just as thrilled when I noticed they've used the photograph I took of the River Medway on my walk with Stuart last July, as the backdrop for the entire double page spread! If you would like to purchase a copy of the mag, please visit for further information.

'Collect It' magazine - September 09 issue

While we are on the subject of magazines, here's a little peek at the advertisement I've created for the September issue of 'Collect It' magazine. This issue will include a supplement written by kathy Martin especially for the forthcoming 'Teddies 2009' and a little birdy told me my bears may have a mention! For further information about 'Collect It' magazine, please visit their website at:
or if you are in the UK, why not treat yourself to a copy in your local WH Smiths!


SteiffGal said...

Congrats! There's nothing more exciting than seeing "your stuff" in print! Best, Steiffgal

Amanda said...

It looks fabulous. I've had a bit of a bearmaking break but should be back to it soon, your photos are very inspiring, they look so good!!!!


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