Friday, 19 June 2009

... and this little piggy ...

If I remember back to my childhood in the 60's, I think even then I had the first stirrings of magpie instinct. I recall saving pennies in a little red suede drawstring purse simply because I liked the feel of them, then there was the old wooden box I 'borrowed' from my mother - it had a keyhole but no key and I filled it with tatty postcards and penpal letters; my windowsill was lined with souvenir dolls in national costume and of course, I never could see my way to parting with treasured soft toys, no matter how scruffy and unhygienic they became ... in fact, several of those dear tatty old friends are with me still.

Four decades later and the instinct to surround myself with the things I love, is still very much alive and kicking. I simply can't do 'minimalist', that's not me at all. From bears to books, pottery to piggy banks, I confess my collecting sins! I thought you might like to take a peek at one of my little weaknesses ... I discovered these piggies when I was on a pretty tight collecting budget and since then, have become enchanted by them!

Each piggy bank is made by the Arthur Wood pottery company, (mostly during the 1960's and 1970's) and each has been hand painted with flamboyantly pretty designs. I think they are delightful collectables and of course, are also useful for saving up pennies for my next piggy indulgence!

If you would like to learn a little more about Arthur Wood piggy banks, you can find more lovely examples at:

By the way, did you notice the vase next to my elephant piggy? Well, therein lies another of my pottery passions ... but I'll share that one with you another day!


  1. You have a lovely collection of Piggy banks Paula.I have always loved money boxes and there are some lovely ones about but I am afraid I would have no hope of displaying them as you do as they wouldn't last a day the way my cats race around the house.I would love to get a display cabinet one day and collect some lovely things but that might need a lock on it to stop my nosey cats trying to get into it!

  2. Love those piggy banks Paula! I can see why you were attracted to them with their cute faces and the very pretty designs. Yep, I can relate to the Magpie feeling - got a touch of that myself which can turn into a lot of packing boxes when on the move!
    Have a good weekend. Hugs Lyn x


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