Friday, 12 June 2009

Mother said there would be days like this ...

Well here we are again, Friday already. Where do the weeks go? Don't they understand a girl of my maturity requires time to, well take its time! I had my entire day planned around a trip to the hairdressers and after a busy week, was really looking forward to a little Paula pampering, with particular anticipation placed on my spell in the salon's massage chair, which can feel quite heavenly on a Friday afternoon after a week spent hunched over the sewing machine and computer!

My day started badly when I checked my company business card online - panic swept through me when I saw a couple of extra hefty charges for an item I hadn't anticipated ... fortunately, that particular heart racing moment was quickly eased when it was pointed out to me that one of the items was in fact a refund, not a debit ... ahem.

I had two large bears to box and post today too, not that there was any problem with that until a call from my lovely sister threw my timings out of the window and I realised I was going to be late for my precious appointment with the hair stylist. Poor old Tina was rapidly binned with promises to catch up again soon blah, blah, blah, as I taped the final 'do not crush' tape to the last box and raced to the bathroom, to make myself presentable ... not quite the 'at my leisure' beautifying experience I had planned for the afternoon.

Anyway, lippy in place, boxes in boot and most definitely running late, I hurled myself into the car and ...

... well, for some strange reason, because I never, ever do this, I called the salon to make sure I had the right day ...

... yes, you've guessed it, the appointment I have had regularly for the past twenty years with the same stylist hadn't been booked and no, they couldn't squeeze me in!


Oh and to cap it off, can someone tell me why the drag 'n drop facility on my blog has disappeared?????

Bring on the weekend. Please!


  1. oh Paula what a day you had!
    I had the same happen when I came over to the UK during that chaos snow week! Was so looking forward to a pampering trip at the hairdressers and being able to really explain what I wanted in English! Then the hairdressers couldn't get into the salon because of the snow and was cancelled.... then alll our family was due for tea that same afternoon and yup... that was cancelled due to the snow too! So back I came to Belgium without doing the things I had so looked forward too! It will have to be months again before I can plan these things. hey ho..... have a lovely relaxing weekend.
    Big Hugs, Catherine xx

  2. D'oh - what an annoying day !

    I sympathise with the blog weirdness ; I could only "drag" pics about for the first couple of blog entries !(????) Now I always switch between the HTML and compose tab ..... add photos on the HTML one , copy , and paste around my text (typed in "compose")then I have to delete off the pics from the top after moving .
    Phewww - what a pain !
    Gentle , non-ruffly Hugs ,
    Ruth x

  3. Oh Catherine, sounds like perhaps there was full moon eh?!!! LOL!

    Ruth, I'm glad it's not just me ... these things are sent to drive us crazy I think!

  4. I am sorry you had such a chaotic day.I have had one just the same today and my head is till spinning.Was planning to paint a bedroom today but ended up looking after our 98 year old neighbours,then my friend rang from France and then a local shop rang me and want at least 4 bears which I have to start from scratch oh and don't forget the open afternoon down the school today PHEW


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