Thursday, 18 June 2009

A knitting day ...

20" Bernard

Yesterday was a knitting day. I've been looking forward to having a reasonable excuse to spend the day on the couch in the conservatory enjoying the roses through the window, while I clack away on my bamboo needles and yesterday my time came!

Measuring Bernard for his knitted waistcoat

I whizzed up a smart little waistcoat for my new bear 'Bernard' in Rowan's extra fine merino wool, (which, by the way, knits like a dream!) whilst admiring my newly planted rose bed and watching 'Loose Women', '60 minute makeover', 'The News' and David Dickinson's 'The Real Deal' on TV ... and I make absolutely no excuses for calling this a day's work! After all, there have to be some perks to self-employment don't there?!

My wicker chair, food for creative thought ...!

My mind drifted back to my childhood while I was knitting yesterday, reminding me of the crocheted granny square throws we used to love to make as kids during lunch hour at primary school (do youngsters still do these things at school I wonder?) I have more odd balls of wool than I know what to do with and this wicker chair is crying out for a little colour ... hmmmn ...


  1. Bernard looks very handsome in his new waistcoat. You are so very clever. I knit poorly and I suppose it is just a matter of practice.

  2. Bernard is ever so proper with his beautiful waistcoat. And do youngsters still knit squares?? Can youngsters knit??

    Pat xx

  3. I love this dear bear and his wonderful knitted waistcoat. Bernard is a great name for him. While I am always in love with your bears, today I am impressed with your knitting skills. A day? Really? You knit that darling waistcoat in a day?! Of course I have only just learned to knit, and so far have made nothing but scarves, but I can't imagine ever being fast enough to knit a whole sweater vest in a day!

  4. It's lovely to read your comments -I'm always a bit surprised by such lovely things being said about my knitting because it's just second nature to me, I've been doing it for so long! I'm delighted you enjoyed seeing Bernard and that you think the little waistcoat suits him ... sometimes it's nice to take a little extra time and knit something for a bear to wear - especially now my kids are grown and won't let me knit sweaters for them any more! LOL!


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