Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Just an ol' fashioned gal ...

Do you remember me reminiscing about crocheted granny squares in an earlier blog post? Knitting Bernard's waistcoat tweaked my memory, transporting me back through the mists of time to schooldays, when me and my girlfriends would plonk our bums in a chatty circle, happily crocheting granny squares as we gossipped and giggled in a far flung corner of the school field. Well, as these things are apt to do, that dusty thought process set me off on a hunt for a new craft book ... thirty plus years was way too long for my poor ol' lady head to remember the finer details of how to crochet!

After many years of knitting, I have more oddments of wool than I know what to do with, so thought it would be nice to twiddle some of them into squares for a throw (or perhaps cushion covers - undoubtedly far from trendy, but I guess that's acceptable now that I'm in my forties!) This book by Jan Eaton seems perfect for the job - it shares plenty of suggestions for creating a multitude of colourful crochet squares and as you can see, I've already mastered three of the simple ones!

For those of us who like to knit too, Jan Eaton has also published a similar book for knitted squares and needless to say, I was compelled to order that book too! So now there's no excuse for couch potato-ing in an armchair with nothing creative to do ... unless that is, I happen to have a lovely glass of chilled white wine in my hand at the time!


  1. I have both these books too and find them absolutely invaluable for using up oddments of wool. I'm intending to make a blanket/afghan that is made up of both knitted and crocheted squares. It should be a bit different.

  2. I love your granny's. I just finished 400 granny's and now I am busy sewing them for a quilt.
    Nice colors you have used.

  3. Wow, I saw your 400 granny's Rosabeer and thought they looked lovely! Madsadgirl - good luck with your project, it's sounds wonderful!


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