Monday, 11 May 2009

Gathering Bears in May progress report ...

Just under two weeks until my webshow and already I have four furry bums sat on my shelf in anticipation - not bad going, if I do say so myself! There's still plenty more to do though, I'd like to finish another big 'un and conjure up a couple more Half Pints if poss ...

I'm very pleased with the bears I've created for the show so far; let's see, what can I tell you without giving the game away too much?! Hmmn ... well, I have a pretty new clown in an unusual colourway, a lovely frosted tipped alpaca bear, a handsome bear with a very dramatic colourway and a dear little chap with an adorable expression who is a yummy chocolatey colour. Now I'm off to my workroom to finish my new design for a hefty (22"approx) bear ... I'm really looking forward to seeing how this fella works out - with a little luck he should be finished by teatime!


  1. Hi Paula!

    It seems like your are very busy making new bears for your show, hehehehehehehehe! I look forward to see them.

    There is a big bear sitting on my desk and waiting very patiently for his ears to be sewed on his head.


  2. Thanks Sophie! I hope you will enjoy the show.


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