Thursday, 28 May 2009

Boys will be boys ...

It was Bank Holiday here in the UK on Monday and for a change, the sun shone. At least it did during the day, but our planned evening's barbecue was another story ... as the charcoal caught light, down crashed the rain - typical of British Bank Holiday weather! We did have a lovely family afternoon rambling through the local woods though and much to the boys' delight (Stuart, my son Anthony and Stuart's grandson) there was a fallen tree to climb!

My Anthony, always a big kid at heart!

Passing on a few essential tree climbing skills to the next generation ...

Boys being boys!

... and the girls being girls!

Monkeying around!

Grandad branches out!

Tree fellas!

Anthony's Hannah finds a comfy perch

Our Bank Holiday tree climbing tribe!

I hope you enjoyed a peek into our family album ... and before you ask, yes, I resisted the temptation to climb the tree - well someone had to take pics eh?!


  1. Great photos and I loved the last comment. Almost makes me think you're a Canadian, eh?

  2. looks like a lovely day - you were lucky you only had rain! We had a hail storm in the early hours of the morning with hail the size of tennis balls!!! It has ripped our house and garden all over the place! You'll see some photos on my blog. Glad your show was such a success. Catherine x

  3. Your bears are just adorable. I love your style. Very sweet!
    Bramblewood Bears


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