Friday, 27 February 2009

Flashy photos

I promised I'd show you a few of the studio shots Tina took for me last week, so here we go!

They are still in a raw state and will be tidied up in Photoshop when Tina has some spare time between weddings, portraiture clients and other time consuming photographic projects, but until then, here's a little peek at a few of my favourite bear portraits. There are many, many more besides; I've been very spoiled for choice!

Yes, we couldn't resist - even my Brown Betty posed for the camera!

Tina Setting up a make-do studio in my lounge

This time we played with some colourful backdrops for the bears ... as you can probably tell, my favourites were the yellow and pink, I think they set the bears off beautifully! Once again, Tina did me proud and we had a lovely day catching up.

If you have enjoyed Tina's photos and would like to see more of her work, please take a moment to visit her website at:


  1. The pictures are really lovely, you look very glamrous and the bears look super cute. You both did a great job, you with the bears and Tina with the pics.


  2. Tina's done a fabulous job and you look lovely with your gorgeous bear :) Hugs, Catherine x


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