Sunday, 21 September 2008

Teddies 2008 catch up

The 'All Bear' stand, Teddies 2008 show: Kensington, London

I know I'm running late, but I thought you might like to see a few of the snaps I managed to take before the Teddies 2008 show opened to the public in London last weekend. Thanks to my little Sat Nav, we found our way to Kensington Town Hall on Sunday morning without any hitches at all, which is pretty unusual for us, to say the least! It was a glorious September morning, with the sun reflecting on the River Thames and despite the relatively early hour, the streets were busy with lycra clad runners, plugged into their Ipods ... not something you are ever likely to stumble across this bear maker doing at such an unearthly hour, or any other hour for that matter!

Setting up

Fabric suppliers ready for business in the Great Hall

Hall 2 just before opening

The Great Hall before the doors open to collectors

The show was possibly a little quieter than February's show, but nonetheless, there was a healthy footfall and collectors chatted eagerly to bear artists throughout the day, many returning home laden with armfuls of lovely bears. I had a new neighbour this year, Yvonne of Bebbin Bears fame occupied the stand next to mine, so we had plenty of time to natter behind scenes and catch up with all our gossip in between sales and meeting our collectors. All the big bears I created for the show have now found new owners and oddly enough, it was the smaller bears who came home with me!

After my week in Pagham (will post pics tomorrow) I have only just managed to free myself from the washing machine for long enough to update the All Bear website: Peony, Delphinium and Archibald are now all featured on the 'Half Pints' page, hoping to find someone special to live with soon. If you would like to find out more about this lovely trio of bears, please pop over to

Right, that's me about done on the computer for today, Sunday or not, it's time to hang out yet another load of washing!

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