Thursday, 25 September 2008

Ho Ho Bearz Online Show

Every so often I decide to have a 'thinking' week ... apart from any higher intentions, it's a great excuse for mugs of coffee and plenty of cake while I ponder! Those delights aside, it is also useful for deciding where I want my bear business to venture next.

The worst part of being a bear maker has to be the isolation which at the lowest points, can result in a lack of focus, in turn playing havoc with motivation. This week, I came to the conclusion I needed to find an event to work towards before Christmas. Yes, I could have created my own 'All Bear' gallery show, but that would be missing the point, because I really wanted to feel part of something. By happy coincidence, I recently received an email from North Country Teddy Bears, inviting me to consider their Artist Guild membership: I re-read it, then spent some time yesterday in contact with Nancy Tillberg, the incredibly efficient and very friendly organiser, paid my dues and signed myself up! I now have a ton of interesting stuff to get to grips with: a WIKI, galleries, membership classifications, members' chat, an exciting online show and so on and so forth! What fun! Thanks to the NCTB Artist Guild I'm fired up and raring to go again! Wey hey!!!!!!!

Click to visit the 'Oh Bearz' show website

Please make a date in your diaries for the 'Ho Ho Oh Bearz' online show, which will take place on the 15th and 16th November. I am looking forward to creating some very special bears for this big event! The best thing is you can take part in the fun from the comfort of your swivel chair; there's no need to dress up for the event either, fluffy bunny slippers and teddy jimjams are very welcome!


  1. That sounds great Paula - I've ummed and ahhed over this too ; let us know how you go on won't you :0)
    I suppose a BBN virtual show in the future is toooo much to hope for? ;0)
    HeeHee , I'm just being too cheeky now !!
    Mini ones , Ruth

  2. There's quite a bit of work involved Ruth - I'm still finding my way round, but I think this could be fun!

    I'd love to be able to put together a virtual show for the BBN, but unfortunately I don't think I have the skills ... or the time right now.

  3. Best of luck with getting your bears ready for the Ho Ho Bearz Online Show, Paula ~ what fun.

    Hugs Carolyn

  4. Hi Sis......looks like I'll be needing to book you in for a festive photo shoot. Look forward to seeing the new additions!

  5. Yeahh Paula. That´s great. Welcome to the Wiki. So great you´re doing the Oh Ho Ho Bearz Show too. It´s so much fun. And Nancy is doing such a great job for us with the show details. See you there and in Wiki :o).
    Many hugs, Tina

  6. Thanks for the support everyone! Tina, yes I'd love to take you up on your offer! Cheers Sis! And Tina J. I'm really looking forward to joining in with you all, thanks for the warm welcome!


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