Thursday, 14 August 2008

Raffles, 2008 URSA AWARD WINNER!

He did it! After last year's lack of fizz, I really wasn't expecting too much from the URSA Awards this year, so couldn't have been more delighted when confirmation of my 'Raffles' success arrived by email this morning! What a lovely buzzy start to my day! My heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who took the time and trouble to vote for my work.

Raffles, 2008 URSA AWARD WINNER!

This award means that Raffles has qualified to be part of the URSA MAJOR award, to determine the overall competition winner. Final voting for the URSA MAJOR award is now open and the decision will be made by public vote once again!

So, if you think Raffles should be the URSA MAJOR award winner for 2008,
could I please trouble you to take a moment to click the link below to cast your final vote?!

My warmest thanks and hugs to you, Paula x


  1. I have to admit, last year I never seemed to find the time to vote. I most certainly did THIS year! Paula I just LOVE Raffles!! Good luck in the voting!

  2. Oh thank you Laura Lynn! What a lovely compliment!!!!

  3. Congrats Paula and good luck with the final voting....!

  4. Oh Paula, I am so happy for you that you made it to URSA winner this year. I know exactly how you felt last year and I am very proud of you for trying again with such a beautiful bear. Good luck for the rest of the voting, but I guess you are on cloud 9 already! Many hugs, Ellen
    P.S. You so deserve this!!!

  5. Many compliments Paula!!!! Raffles is glorious, I just adore him, and be sure I'll cast my vote. All your bears are lovely, you are so talented! Hope you'll triumph!

    Have a great week end,


  6. Congratulations Paula and good luck with the

    Raffles is so gorgeous and I would just love to give him a big cuddle.


  7. I'm so touched that you've all taken the time to pop in and leave a message of congratulations for me! So kind!

  8. A belated well done. I voted this year and it was because you helped with the link! There were some lovely bears, Raffles really stood out.


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