Tuesday, 19 August 2008

A pretty Coral Sky ...

My nose has been firmly pressed to the grindstone today. I was determined to finish the commissioned peach bear I told you about yesterday, which was no mean feat given that she is a big 'un at 22", with bendy legs, hugging arms, inset muzzle and a laughing mouth ... not a simple bear to make by any means. Her colourway put me in mind of beautiful sunrises (not that I am much of an expert on such things, being a shamelessly irredeemable sleepy head) so I have christened her 'Coral Sky', a pretty name for a pretty bear!

'Coral Sky'


  1. awww she is such a cutie pie Paula and worth all your hard work that I know would have gone into her creation x

  2. Thanks Catherine, lovely to hear from you!


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