Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Planning ahead

This time the lavendar and honey won! I dare say I'll get to the lemon mohair later this week; I have enough of it to make a lovely big bear, somewhere in the region of 23". I'm never sure whether it makes good economical sense to take such large bears to a show, show days are so hard to predict, but I love making those big 'uns and that's always a good enough reason for me to make sure I have at least one with me on show day.

The All Bear workroom May 2008

The lavendar mohair works so well with the honey! I'm in the process of making a clown style bear as I mentioned yesterday and so far, I'm thoroughly enjoying the process ... there's something utterly satisfying about working with colour, I really enjoying planning my palette! He/she (I won't be sure of gender until later, although I'm erring towards 'she' ... but that doesn't guarantee a thing!) is ready for the sewing machine and as soon as I've finished this post, that's where I'll be heading for the rest of the day.

It's reassurring to see several bears sitting on my workroom shelves (Cherry Blossom, top right, will be off to the US in a couple of days' time) ready for the show, but I need to stay focused if I'm to have my full complement for Stratford on the 8th. I do at least have the rest of my designs floating around my head, I simply need to turn them into reality now!

Pretty chiffon ribbon

I've been keeping my eyes open for appropriate trims for my show bears, it's important they look smartly turned out after all. Don't the colours of these chiffon ribbons work well together?! So pretty! Also, I was delighted to stumble across another vintage crochet collar ... it may or may not stay white, I'll make that decision when I know which bear it suits best.

Vintage crochet collar

Also, isn't this sock wool gorgeous?! It's so soft to knit with and I absolutely love the colours ... if I have time, I may make a little waistcoat or cardigan for one of the bears to wear. I hope I can find that elusive time, but in the meantime, I must dash, I have an appointment with a lavendar and honey coloured bear!

Softie Sock wool


  1. Always fun to pop over to see what you are up to Paula..... lots of pretty colours and softest of soft fabrics.... lush..... mmmmm....

  2. Love that collar, Paula! Wait to see the special bear which will wear it! :)

    As for the lavender and honey mohair... it sounds awesome!

    Enjoy your bear making,


  3. I just love dropping by your blog to see all your lovely creations and what you are up to,look forward to the finished lavender & honey bear, he/she will be wonderful am sure.
    Christine "NZ"

  4. looks fab Paula, I also just bought some lavendar mohair, I think I'll be all inspired to use it when I get back from my holiday to Provence next week :) Hugs, Catherine x


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