Wednesday, 14 May 2008

In which all is not quite lost ...

I thought my lifeline had been cut yesterday after another horrid day of computer frustration. I feel so cut off from the world at large when my internet connection bombs out on me, leaving me at a loss as to how to reinstate it. It is definitely the bain of my self-employed life when things go wrong. I bumbled my way through setting after setting and after a long, painfully squinty-eyed, shoulder aching day, an expensive and annoying call to AOL's technical support line (whose staff, based overseas, are so very difficult to understand over the telephone) I finally switched everything off at bedtime last night, in a sulk guaranteed to repel all anxiously hopeful smiles from my poor family. I know, shame on me.


This morning I woke with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach at the thought of another wasted day fiddling with rotten router settings. I trudged dejectedly to my swivel chair, plonked myself down, sighed heavily, booted up, re-set the miserable thing yet again and .... bingo! Here I am, none the wiser, but here anyway! Hallelujah!

20" Rodney, a centre-seam 'Timeless Ted', pictured on my new wicker chair ... I wouldn't mind a little chillout time in this chair myself right now!

So, after eagerly catching up with my email and forums this morning, I spent the rest of the morning finishing 'Rodney' for the show at Stratford. I now have three 20" bears completed, two more smaller bears in progress and three and a bit weeks to finish the rest. After my disasterous day yesterday, all is not quite lost. Phew!


  1. I can never figure out computers either! Fingers crossed it keeps working for you Paula. Love Rodney, too cute on your wicker chair :) Hugs, Catherine x

  2. I have it exactly the same way when I can´t go online. Can´t be near anyone until it´s fixed :o).
    Rodney is so sweet Paula. All the best for you at the show. Wish I could be there. I´m sure it will be great. Many hugs, Tina

  3. Rodney is absolutely gorgeous!
    I wish I could meet him in person...
    And your pic is brilliant! Love that chair!


  4. Paula,
    I understand completely - I go bonkers when I can't get on-line. Poor hubby is beginning to wish he'd never brought a computer into the house LOL! I do, however, have an ace up my sleeve - our son-in-law is magnificent with computers, so I am his emergency babysitter for our grandson and he is my "tech-support" and as a bonus, he can actually speak english! YEAH!!!



  5. Oh Brenda, send him over please!

    Thanks for the kind 'Rodney' comments folks ... much appreciated! He's my kind of bear, classic and endearing and all that is required to make him, is time, patience and an investment from the heart!

  6. Oh Paula Rodney is one cutie patootie, what a endearing face he has. I'm glad your computer hick ups are behind you would hate to miss one day of seeing your beautiful creations. Computers are blasted things aren't they I have a love/hate relationship with mine and I curse the day we where introduced. Hugs Deborah


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