Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Paws for Applause!

Teddy Bear Scene magazine Issue 127, March 2008
On sale 14th February!

I'm buzzing today! My subscription copy of Teddy Bear Scene magazine just dropped through the letterbox and inside, is a fabulous double page spread featuring my teddy bears. I haven't been able to resist leaving it spread open on the dining room table, so that I catch a glimpse every time I walk past ... too vain eh?! I know, shame on me! But even after all these years, I still get such a zing from seeing my bears in print and that thrill never diminishes! By the way, this may sound completely daft, but I was so tickled to see my garden pebbles used for the page background!

Paws for Applause to:
Penny (www.bear-artists-online.com)
Samantha (www.teddybearartistevent.co.uk/)
and Susan (www.bearbasics.co.uk)

I was also absolutely delighted to turn a few pages and discover the editor, lovely Kathy Martin, has published my comments about three very special people who I believe have really put themselves out to help promote bear art recently. Penny, Samantha and Susan, I do hope you enjoy your 'Paws for Applause' bright shiny moment this month (thank you Aleta for that perfect turn of phrase!) You've truly earned your moment ladies!

Well done you!



  1. Pebbles! You feel as daft as you like Paula, a big well done. Looks fantastic. Also its good to see the ladies getting a mention too. They are all beavering away quietly trying to promote us as an industry, hats of to you all.

  2. Paula - I am just so honoured and touched that you chose to include me in your 'paws for applause'. I couldn't quite believe it when I saw my name!! Thank you so much for your kind words, and congratulations on your gallery showcase - I have completely fallen for 'Cognac' - he is just beautiful!! Samantha xx

  3. Paula! I noticed they'd used your pebbles and thought it rather clever. I'd be just the same as you and be leaving the pages open, it's not vanity, just pride.

    Hugs, Sarah x

  4. WooHoo Paula ; the gallery is just so beautiful , no wonder you are (deservedly :0) ) delighted !
    Mini Hugs , Ruth

  5. Thanks for popping in everyone! It's always a pleasure to hear from you. I'm so pleased you like my gallery showcase ... I keep taking a peek!

    Samantha, you've worked so hard on putting together something special for bear artists in the UK, you deserve the recognition for your efforts!

  6. It's was a treat to see all your lovely bears in TBS..thry look fantastic..well done!

  7. Thanks Jenny! I'm really pleased you enjoyed the spread. Lovely to hear from you!


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