Friday, 29 February 2008

There are ups and then of course, downs ...

Oh bum! Apologies for the mild cursing, but along with the other members of Bear Artists Online, I received an email from Penny, the BAO website and show organiser, earlier today. Sadly, due to personal pressures, Penny is having to cancel the BAO shows and will also be closing the BAO website at the beginning of May. It's such a shame! Whilst I completely understand and sympathise with Penny's reasons, I am totally gutted that this innovative creation of Penny's will cease to be. If only we could come up with a rescue plan ... any suggestions anyone? *Scratches head and frowns*

Bear Artists Online Spring Bearfest Show cancelled!

On a somewhat more positive note, I was delighted to receive an invitation to participate in the 'Teddy Bear Artists Event of 2008' which will take place in Stratford-Upon-Avon on 8th June and in view of the cancellation of BAO's online Spring show, I will now be able to accept my invitation and exhibit. Samantha, the organiser, has gone to great lengths to create a fresh format for this brand new 'artists only' show and I am very excited to be able to support her work.

Naturally, I do understand that a UK based show added to the All Bear calendar, can't quite make up for a cancelled online show which would have reached many of you across the seas, so please bear with me, while I give the matter some significant pondering to see what I can come up with ... hmmn ...


  1. I feel the same Paula ! Oh , there'll be such a vacuum left behind ; I have loved being really part of this wonderful group - it brought me on such a lot :0( .... I'd love for us all to still band together somehow ?? .... Also , I'll be delighted to "see you there" at the TBAE - something to look forward to !!
    Hugs , Ruth

  2. Hi Ruth, I think many of us feel the same way. I do hope something can be salvaged for the future ... BAO has been such a positive step forward for so many bear artists and I love its friendly international flavour.

    I will look forward to catching up with you and your pretty little 'uns at the TBAE ... I'm so pleased to be able to join you all! See you there x

  3. Paula, I feel exactly the same. I was waiting for the email of acceptance to join and instead got an email explaining BAO was to be no more. Such a shame.

    Hugs, Sarah x

  4. Awww what a shame that is Paula.... it looked like a lot of fun too....

  5. Double damn! I wasn't able to take up my invitation to BAO when first invited to join but I so admired what Penny was doing and I am sure it's been a tough decision for her. The other curse is for my own selfish reasons...I had to cancel my trip to Samantha's show and one of my consolations was that you and your bears wouldn't be there (been promising myself for 10 years that when I get to England an All Bear will be sitting on my knee coming home!). Sigh...definitely next year at either Hugglets or Samantha's show and for now I'll admire from afar.

  6. Hi Paula,
    I adore BAO too and I'd like to help save it. I sent Penny an email offering to help her or take over the site but I haven't heard anything from her. I know she's under tremendous stress so I don't want to bother her. Do you think there might be a possibility of someone else running the site temporarily or permanently? Or perhaps the current members might be interested in launching a new site? I have the time, skills, software and hardware to do the job . What do you think?

    Penny has done such a tremendous job with BAO that I hate to see it lost. :0(

    Please drop me a line when you have a chance.


    Louisa (LuLu on TT; sweet souls bears)

  7. What a shame Melissa! I'm sorry to hear you've had to cancel your trip. Maybe we'll catch up next year instead!


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