Tuesday, 19 February 2008

My, My, My Delilah!

When it comes to designing teddy bears, there are primarily two schools of thought, the traditional school of thought which dictates a bear should be dignified in design, subtle of colour, respectful of boundaries and then of course, there is the contemporary school of thought ...

Needless to say, I prefer to keep my options entirely open because I can have far more fun that way!

Delilah will be making her furry debut at the Winter Bearfest in Kensington Town Hall next Sunday ... don't forget your shades if you'd like to get up close and personal with this gal, you may well need them!


  1. Just saw her on TT .... I think the word "FABAROONY" just about sums her up ! Please hug her for me Paula !!

  2. Lyn, sorry to hear you're having trouble leaving your comment ... I'll paste it in below:

    "My kinda bear! She looks very eye catching to say the least! There's nothing wrong in being bold and making a statement. I reckon she is just stunning and I like her very much! I also very much like all the other new bears for the show and I wish you a great day and hope you do well!! It will be a surprise if you get this as I am having trouble getting logged in - big sighs!!"

  3. Oh wow Paula! Great color and great bear!


  4. Well, that's a relief! So far the feedback for this bear has been very positive .. now either everyone is being very polite, or they really do enjoy seeing a flashy bear now and again! Very many thanks for your feedback ladies x


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