Wednesday, 13 February 2008

The jitter bug

It doesn't seem possible that the 'Winter Bearfest' is only a week and a half away. Wasn't it only five minutes ago I was telling you about my preparations for last year's show?!

The pressure is starting to bite now, that's for sure. I think I should just about manage to have all my bears finished in time, so long as they all behave themselves and don't cause me any last minute troubles while I'm making them ... I just want to be able to exhibit work I'm really proud of and of course, this is always the time when the collywobbles start to set in and I look at what I'm doing and try my hardest not to feel inadequate. There is always such a wealth of talent exhibiting at this show, it can be quite overwhelming - yes, even for an old timer like me!

Anyway, enough of my pre-show jitters! Here are the bears I do have ready to share with you; hopefully with a little good luck and the wind in the right direction, there may be a few more I can add next week.

Florrie 14"

Raffles 23"

White Diamond 22"

Smartie 13"

Grigio 20"


  1. What? already? me too... I feel as though no time has passed at all since I was seeing blurbs about that.

    Oh, you have been busy though..and such lovely fur and faces...

  2. Beautiful bears Paula!! I just love Raffles' face - so appealing. I always feel the same just before a show - I look at the bears I have finished and feel a little bit inadequate, and wonder if they are good enough. I always feel better once I actually arrive at the show and am all set-up. I look forward to seeing your bears in the fur! See you there!! Samantha xx

  3. All wonderful Paula,I feel I am way behind getting ready for the show ,cant believe it is so close.Your bears make me smile so I pass on to you the "you make my day award"

    ps see my blog for the rules.

  4. I'm glad it's not just me who gets a bit jittery just before a big show ... that's very reassurring! Thank you all so much for taking a peek at my show bears and taking the trouble to help ease my collywobbles!

    Louise, I'm so touched that you've included me in your award ... how kind of you! I would be proud to accept it and take part.

    Good luck with your show preparations everyone - here's to a bright, busy, buzzy show day for us all!


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