Saturday, 16 February 2008

Bloomin' Liberty

I wasn't sure if these two colours would work together initially, but decided to give them a go anyway and now that she is finished I am so pleased I did because I absolutely love how the dusty grey works with the pale blueberry! I am delighted with her contrasting silk cotton velvet paw pads too ... this peach fabric, ordered in from the States, is so pretty!

'Bluebell' 20" traditional clown bear

I hunted through my hat boxes to trim 'Bluebell' and found a beautiful piece of ribbon left over from a lovely shopping trip to Liberty's of Regent's street many years ago. Isn't it strange how a pretty piece of ribbon can wait for so long for exactly the right bear?

I remember that trip to London so well; the store has an amazing history and the architecture is absolutely stunning. If you would like to learn a little more, please take a moment to visit: and even better, if you're planning a shopping trip to London, why not treat yourself to a mooch through this precious treasure trove - you'll love it! Oh, and don't forget to use the lift between floors ... it really is very special!

Here in the UK, it won't be long before the bluebells carpet our woodland and I for one, can't wait to ramble through the woods to enjoy them; this is one of my favourite Springtime walks.
By the way, if you would like to meet my 'Bluebell', she will be coming with me to the 'Winter Bearfest' show on Sunday 24th February!


  1. It works wonderfully. I'm enjoying seeing the Hugglets previews. One day hopefully in the fur. Good luck for next week and I look forward to hearing all about it, when you have recovered from all the stress and hard work that is!

  2. It's good to hear you are enjoying the Hugglets previews Amanda! Thank you for your good luck wishes (insert hug)... my fingers and toes are crossed for a busy show ... I hate slow shows, the day is so much more fun when everyone is bustling and busying!

  3. ooweeee.... some shopping it would be at Liberty's ... I would have a sore neck from just gawking all day! what a beautiful place.

    couldn't find a pic of the lift anywhere.... you will have to go back with your own camera.... lol .....

    waaaaahhh I want to go to the Bearfest ! bummer....

  4. love those colours together, lots of luck for Hugglets, but seeing your bears I'm sure that's not necessary :) Hugs, Catherine x

  5. Vee, I tried to find a pic of the lift and I couldn't either ... hmmn. Apparently it used to be used (maybe even still is!) for royal visits. I remember stepping into it years ago and being amazed by the intricacy of the wood carvings which make up the walls ... I must go back for another visit one day!

    Catherine, I'm really pleased you like the colours ... I've been having a burst of Spring colour madness for these bears! Wait til you see the next one ... boy is he a colour and a half!!!


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