Friday, 14 December 2007

Pouting and pining ...

What a nightmare day! I was suppposed to have a new gas fire fitted today, but when the fitters arrived they decided they couldn't do the job, so I have been frozen all morning (no heating because the gas had to be turned off) and I still don't have a new fire. Such is life! On a slightly more positive note, they did manage to install the new hob and oven before they shrugged their shoulders and left, so at least I should be able to cook our Christmas turkey without cursing too much. I inherited the old oven when I moved in earlier this year and it's strange attitude towards temperature control has driven me barmy ever since.

Don't you just hate it when things don't go to plan? I'm feeling pretty grouchy right now (can you tell?!) Today has been such a waste of a day and it's put me behind with the bear I'm working on, which is guaranteed to make me grumpy. Grrrrr!

To elimate my grrrrrr, I've taken a deep breath, turned the heating back on and made myself a mug of hot chocolate. I think I'm starting to thaw a little now! My daughter decorated our Christmas tree yesterday evening and the smell of pine is wafting right through the house; it's very therapeutic! I think before I start work on my sewing, I'm going to take my mug of chocolate, snuggle in an armchair and just inhale a little Christmas tree magic for a few minutes ... *sighs*

Oh, I almost forgot! The Blog Land taggers nabbed me! Jenny Johnson of Three O'Clock Bears (please pop over to her blog ... I've just listed it in my blog links .. you'll love her work!) has invited me to play, so I have to reveal five little known facts about myself before I go ... okay, let me think ... I'll keep them bear related ...

1. Lovely Frank Webster (Charnwood Bears) once told me, many years ago, to pay careful attention to my noses ... excellent advice and one of the keys to my bear making progression!

2. Dear Sue Schoen of Bocs Teganau fame (sadly no longer making bears) once accidentally threw a large glass of red wine over my cream trouser suit at an awards event, I made the mistake of trying to wash the wine out and promptly shrank my trousers. A week later a parcel arrived at my house - inside was an adorable little bear made by Sue, aptly named 'Oops, sorry I shrank your trousers!'

3. Years ago, Pam Howells (designer for the Chiltern Hygenic Toy Company) made a fabulous 'Chiltern Memory' for me, to add to my collection of vintage Chiltern bears. These days he watches over the proceedings in the All Bear workroom from the top of on the cupboard.
4. The first bear I was bought as an adult was called 'Sebastian' a handsome black limited edition teddy bear, created by the 'Little Folk' company, based in Devon. I found Sebastian in a magical little shop in Saint Ives, whilst on holiday in Cornwall with my family about fifteen years ago. These days Sebastian stands proudly next to Pam's 'Barty', my Chiltern Memory, making sure I work hard!
5. If I had to choose a completely new style of bear to work on as a challenge, I'd have to try either a little bear, or an old looking, shabby kind of bear (or even a little shabby looking bear!) I don't feel confident with either of those styles and would love to conquer them one day!

Right, time to think about who to tag next ... !

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