Monday, 16 July 2018

Cheeky Chappy

After my series of Harris Tweed teddy bears, I decided to take a break and head back to my mohair stash this week. The weather has been so warm, my bear-making has been slow going, but I did manage to finish this cheeky little chappy. 

Scamp is 13"

Scamp is just 13" tall and what he lacks in height, he certainly makes up in personality! He is a traditional centre seam design teddy bear, which gives his head a lovely rounded shape.

I used vintage boot buttons forScamp's eyes as I think they really suit his laid back vintagey style ... and I gave him a lovely shiny waxed nose too.

If Scamp is your kinda bear, please pop over to my website to find out more about him. As I write, this lovely teddy bear is currently available for adoption.

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