Monday, 19 February 2018

A rainy start

It's a rainy start to the week here in Kent and there is no hope of my being able to photograph my latest teddy bear in the garden. I put my thinking cap on and remembered my studio equipment, which has been gathering dust in the garage of late.

It's a bit of a long winded process setting it all up, but I did enjoy taking a few 'proper' studio photos of the teddy bears I currently have waiting to find for new homes - mind you, Rodney's 'assistance' wasn't in the least bit welcome, so he was unceremoniously packed off quick-smart to another room!

And the new teddy bear? Well, to my great surprise and delight, almost as soon has her studio photos were uploaded to my website a little earlier, she was adopted!

17" Memory has been adopted.

For anyone who missed her arrival on my website, this is 'Memory', a very traditional teddy bear in a pretty vintage pink shade of mohair.

My fingers and toes are now crossed for Albert, Lonnie and Whisper ... here's hoping they too will find special homes soon. 


Update: Lonnie and Whisper have been adopted!

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