Friday, 30 June 2017

The great spin cycle of life

Friday, so soon? I'm not quite sure where my week disappeared to ... I had hoped to share a lovely new white teddy bear today, but he's not quite ready to make an appearance after a week filled with hiccups, not least of which was my mobile 'phone giving up the ghost. How did we ever manage without those annoying little gadgets I wonder? I swear my 'phone ownership was jinxed this year when, after buying a brand new shiny one a couple of months ago, I accidentally loaded it into the washing machine with some towels. Sadly it didn't live to tell the tale after the  800 rpm spin cycle! I went back to using my trusty old mobile but now that too has decided enough is enough, so now I have had to order another new 'phone and I am still waiting to be connected. Yawn! What a palaver modern life can be! I'm sure it was much simpler in days of yore before everyone's ears were glued to these wretched communication devices but as you will no doubt agree, if we can't live with 'em, we sure as hell can't live without 'em nowadays!

Anyway, in 'other news', young Rodney is now a cheeky four months old and has settled beautifully into family life. In fact he is a wonderfully sweet natured fellow, full of fun and very cuddlesome. He wakes me every morning by hopping up onto my bed and snuggling ... it's not a bad way to start a day let me tell you!

So, given that it is Friday afternoon and I have no teddy bear pics to share today (tut!) here are a couple of very recent Rodney snaps instead. I hope they make you smile and help ease away the strains of the past week.

Wishing you all a very happy, relaxed and stress free weekend!


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  1. Rodney definitely capable of making anyone smile. Lovely that he is so affectionate as some cats can be very aloof. I still miss Sooty, my lovely black girl - I know, hardly an original name! But where we live now is too close to a busy road for a cat to be safe so I am not tempted to get another one. By the time we moved here Sooty was quite elderly and too lazy to venture beyond the garden. x


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