Monday, 13 February 2017

The annual teddy review!

At the beginning of every year since 2006, I have set aside a little time to create a portfolio of my teddy bear creations. Having a book of the previous year's work to flick back through from time to time, is very satisfying and also a great way to remind myself of where I was with my designs and where I would still like to go ...

2016 All Bear portfolio

My 2016 portfolio arrived a few days ago and although there are fewer bears featured than in previous years, I was very happy with it.

2006 All Bear portfolio

Back in 2006, the first portfolio was designed to be part of my exhibition display, so my photographer sister Tina helped me by taking some fabulous photographs of my bears in her studio - this is still one of my all time favourite portfolio books!

Looking back through these old photographs always makes me smile but not only that, I find it interesting to see my work evolve across the years. To help me recall what was happening in my world during any given bear crafting year, I have more recently started to include a brief review on the first page.

2016 review

I wish I had made portfolios for my earliest teddy bears, but unfortunately, I didn't think to do that. However, I do still have a few old photo albums featuring some of the first bears I designed (sadly not all) so perhaps it's time to buy a little scanner to create a book of my first decade of work (1996-2006) and keep those precious teddy bear memories safe too!


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