Monday, 11 April 2016

Up hill and down dale

Now she's the grand old age of eleven months and has some obedience training under her belt, we've been able to take Betty on more adventurous walks at the weekends.  She still pulls like a steam train if she has to wear a lead in new places, but her recall is pretty good, so we let her off lead as much as possible ... she is so excited by having freedom to explore the big wide world for the first time!

We took the girls to White Horse Country Park on Detling Hill on Sunday.  It was a beautiful afternoon, a bit breezy on the hill, but glorious in the April sunshine.  We hardly saw a soul while we were there and the girls had a fab time sniffing, chasing and sticking their doggy noses into every available rabbit hole.  It's an 'up hill and down dale' walk, very steep in places, so we sat on the side of the hill to catch our breath a few times (we're not quite as young as we were and sad to say, definitely creak a bit more than we used to!) to admire the spectacular views.

Today I must admit I'm feeling the burn after yesterday's long hilly walk, but I have managed to walk Polly and Betty locally (a boring ol' pavement walk followed by a game of ball on the local playing field) and am now looking forward to a quiet afternoon working on my latest bears, while my sleepy girls snooze on the living room rug.


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