Monday, 4 April 2016

Outdoorsing ..

The sun shone, shades were dusted off, the dogs given a free pass and ... er, the mud squelched its 'squelchiest' (and guess who forgot her wellies? Doh!)

Spring may well have sprung in Kent, but it sure is going to take a while before that mud dries out!

Not that Polly and Betty minded of course. The muddier the better as far as the average goldie is concerned!  In fact, they had a whale of a time racing through swamps at 'Shorne Country Park' on Sunday and Polly couldn't have been more thrilled to find a special 'doggy pond' to swim in (Betty less so after falling in and scrambling out rather clumsily. I think she may need some of those inflatable water wings - call yourself a golden Betty Boo?!!!)

Yes, Spring has definitely arrived and with it an opportunity to share 'outdoorsing' time with my family. I loved our long swampy walk with my daughter and her fiance yesterday ... great fun and great company!


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