Thursday, 14 April 2016

Family man

Yesterday was my son's thirty first birthday. 

The number surprises me because those thirty one years raced by so fast.  It truly doesn't seem possible the little boy who snuggled on my lap to watch Warner Brothers cartoons, pushed Corgi cars around my living room carpet and delighted in being thrown in the air, could possibly be a grown man with a family of his own already.

But he is!  

In fact I'd go so far as to say, that little boy grew to be the best adult son this mum could ever have wished for.  He has been a shoulder to cry on whenever I have needed one, unfailingly loyal in challenging times, a lovely family man, amazing daddy to my grandson and ... always knows how to make his mum laugh!

I am so very proud of the man you have become Anthony.

Happy Birthday Boy,
With all my love always,
Your Muva xxx

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