Wednesday, 26 August 2015

A hint of Autumn

There's a hint of Autumn creeping into our days here in the UK, evenings are darker and farmers busy harvesting wheat.  Our local field was harvested a few days ago, much to the confusion of Polly and Betty ... one day the wheat was tall, waving gloriously in a warm Summer breeze, the next, stubby and prickly against their tummies!

It is such a lovely time of year to create teddy bears.  Inspiration comes easily as our countryside bears fruit and slips towards the spectacular golden tones which herald the change of season ... 

'Harvest' is my tribute to Autumn.  

Autumn is tinged with mixed emotion for me, as it embraces memories of both loss and happiness.  Nevertheless, I love the passion of this most golden season and its final dramatic flare before the dull grey of our English Winter.


Harvest is now available for adoption.
Please visit my website for further details:

Update: Harvest has been adopted!

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