Monday, 10 February 2014

A pathway to design

I was just thinking about my previous post and realised I hadn't concluded it properly ... there should have been photographs!  So, for those who would like to wander briefly through my long teddy bear design journey, here we go ...

1996ish The early years
 Traditional centre seam large head, short body, drumstick legs, long arms,

2003 My crazy contemporary phase
Shaped arms, sculpted feet, free standing, inset muzzle, additional poseable neck joint, open mouth, coloured nose, wild prints! 
'The Lynx Effect' 

2007 Developing my 'Modern Classics'
Chunky limbs and tummies, largish heads, hand painted glass eyes, subtle shading, 
luxury fabrics
'Gorgeous George'

2010 My so-very vintage phase
Hand dyed sparse mohair, distressing, vintage boot button eyes, saggy stuffing, wobble heads, patching, staining, waxed nose, slender straight limbs

2011 Doing the Shabby Chic thing
Incorporating dainty prints and pastel colour with vintage appeal
'Lavendar-Lou, Merryweather and Pippin'

2011 Continuing with contemporary
Poseable limbs, hand painted twinkly eyes, eyelashes, sculpted feet, inset muzzle, 
open mouth
'Felicity and her bunny'

2012 Heading back to traditional
Slim limbs, upright posture, smaller heads, long snouts, slim bodies, waxed noses, boot button eyes, felt paws
'Jake and Mavis'

2013 Traditional Luxury
Dense curly golden mohair, black glass eyes, waxed nose, velvet paws

... and for 2014?  

Well, as I mentioned in my previous post, I started this year true to my traditional roots, so will see where they lead me.  I look forward to sharing my continuing bear design journey with you!


  1. It is lovely to view your journey.
    Hugs Kay

  2. Loved looking at your bears through the years, & like you I think the more traditional bear is my favourite.

  3. Loved looking at your bears through the years Paula. Like you I think the more traditional are my favourites.

  4. So happy you enjoyed this post! Thank you for reading and commenting :) x


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