Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Final Countdown!

I am so looking forward to my big day out in London on the 8th September but thanks to my gorgeous Polly pup, am way adrift with my prep this year.  In fact, to-date I have only one new bear sat on my bookcase waiting for 'Teddies 2013', which is definitely not enough for this prestigious show ... eeeks!  

My one lonesome bear doesn't have a name yet, but I hope you'll agree he is a fine lookin' fella.  As I have so little time to prepare left, my plan is to do what I think I do best and stick with big 'uns - that way, hopefully I should stand half a chance of drawing some attention to my stand ... eight or nine big 'uns will make far more of an impact than a similar number of Tiddler bears, that's for sure!

If you would like to come to the Teddies 2013 show in Kensington Town Hall on the 8th September, please visit the organiser's website below for full details.  It's always a fabulous day out for teddy bear enthusiasts as there are 1000's of stunning artist designed bears, vintage teddies and bearaphenalia for sale on the day.  It's a true teddy treasure trove, very friendly and above all, fun, fun, fun!!!

I will be exhibiting in Hall 2 on stand 75, so do stop by to meet me and my latest big 'uns if you can, we'd love to say hello in person and hugs are of course, always free!


  1. I'm sure your stall will look great. Take some photos of Polly, because I'm sure your customers will want to see pickies.

  2. Hi Paula
    I hope you manage to get your bears made in time! There is nothing like an imminent deadline to focus the mind. I'm sailing closer to the wind than I like, too!


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