Monday, 12 November 2012

Welcome to the world!

I have such exciting news ... baby Ella Marie was born on Saturday morning!

I can now officially don my 'Great Auntie Paula' title and far more importantly, my sister Fiona can embrace her brand new 'Granny Smith' status with all the pride and relief a mum must feel as she holds her new granddaughter for the very first time, safe in the knowledge her daughter will make a wonderful mummy.

Baby Ella heralds the first arrival of a brand new generation for our family and I know Fiona will have had a private moment or two of wishing our Dad could be here to meet his Great Granddaughter ... that may not be possible Sis, but one thing's for certain, he would be so very proud of Leah and Gary for continuing his family line, I don't doubt for one second, he will have been raising a glass of ethereal red in celebration on Saturday evening!

Congratulations and much love to Leah, Gary and their beautiful new daughter.

Welcome to our world little Ella Marie!


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  1. Dear little Ella Marie has arrived safely. How precious a gift is new life. Congratulations to the new Mum and Dad.


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