Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Great Auntie in waiting!

It won't be much longer until I'm made a Great Auntie for the very first time, so yesterday evening I put Corrie on the TV, snuggled into my armchair cushions and began hand stitching the backing onto my little knitted pram blanket.

I think I'd better make time to finish the sewing tonight after dinner, so I'll be good and ready to meet my Great niece or nephew when they arrive in the big wide world ... how exciting!

Sending much love to my niece this week xxx


  1. What a gorgeous gift. I can see the softness of both yarn and fabric.

  2. I can see a little baby wrapped in your lovingly made blanket. I am going to be a Great Grandma around Christmas day, so all exciting things are happening here as well.


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