Friday, 2 November 2012

Dolly Doodle Airs and Graces!

Octavia Orangewitch Dolly Doodle hopped on her broomstick to take up residence in Europe on All Hallowes Eve ... it seems my Prim Dolly Doodles are determined to follow in the bears' furry footsteps by becoming international jetsetters!

Hang tag design - front

In fact, they have even requested their own professional hang tags!

Hang tag design - reverse

And they've asked for satin sew-in labels ... would you believe it?!  Talk about airs and graces, at this rate they'll be demanding their own website next!


  1. Longing for the prim or raggedy doll from you, great to hear there more happenings on them in the future.

  2. No wonder your dolly doodles are particular about their hang tags - they have your reputation to uphold! You always do things well, Paula, and this dolly is no exception - so cute!


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