Thursday, 29 November 2012

Cuddle time!

Despite being so little, Baby Ella has already become a big part of our family and has been busy introducing herself to aunties, cousins, grand parents et al during the past couple of weeks.  I was privileged to have a very precious cuddle with my Great niece at only two days old as I am lucky enough to live a few minutes up the road from her mummy and daddy. That day I visited on my own to share a peaceful hour with our gorgeous new family and all I can say is being in their home with them was just like stepping into a little slice of heaven ...

On Saturday, Leah and my sister 'Granny Smith' (makes me chuckle to call my sis Granny Smith!) brought little Ella to my house for a surprise visit with my kids and as you can see, Ella came complete with happiness bubble!

First special cuddle went to Ella's oldest cousin, my lovely daughter Fay.

Then it was time to for her to meet her biggest cousin Anthony ... such a tiny bundle in my 6ft 3" son's arms!

And finally, she settled comfortably with Anthony's girlfriend Hannah ... such a cutie!

Needless to say Great Auntie Paula couldn't resist another cuddle ... there's nothing quite so precious as holding a new born baby in your arms, especially when you first held her mummy in your arms twenty five years ago!

Leah, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful daughter with us all, we are so thrilled to meet her!


  1. What precious memories you will have of holding that little girl, who will grow like topsy.

  2. What a beautiful baby. You are so lucky to have her close. Loved seeing these pictures, something about a baby, they just make everything a little brighter.


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