Monday, 23 July 2012

Hey, you're never too old!

A short while ago, I mentioned that after the thrill of wobbling along on my daughter's bicycle for the first time in almost forty years, I was thinking seriously about trying to own my very own cycle at some point later this year.  Well, suffice it to say, a certain someone took me by surprise by helping my dream bicycle to become a reality and 'Miss Marple', my lovely 'Dawes Duchess' heritage cycle complete with padded saddle (!) girly shopping basket and traditional bell, arrived just before we left for our Cretan holiday.

My lovely Dawes Duchess!

Before we left the country, I had a practise ride under the careful tutelage of my son and it wasn't long before I began to get the hang of using gears for the very first time ... thanks Ants xxx

Cycle practise with my son

Stuart and I are both conscious that neither bear-making, nor accounting are good for the waistline (!) so as soon as we came home from our hol, we bought Stuart a smart hybrid cycle and yesterday took both new bikes out for a spin; I cycled along happily at a sedate pace in dignified 1950's 'postmistress' stylie, while Stuart played 'Wacky Races' as fast as he could, back and forth across an empty car park.  Despite our alternative approaches to cycling, somehow we both arrived home later, gasping for breath, with legs like jelly!  

Anthony test drives 'Miss Marple'!

The fresh air and exercise will no doubt bring forth positive health benefits in time, but right now the best of it is that cycling has succeeded in making these two 'facing fifty year olds' feel just like kids again, which is worth its weight in gold!

So, a personal message to my ol' grunter ... 

Stuart, thank you so much for making this possible ... here's to fresh air, sunshine and lots of fun together!


  1. Enjoy every moment of it. Great pics.

  2. Hey, good for you Paula but don't forget your safety helmet:o)) I tried my daughters bike and ended up in the bushes LOL! I never could ride a bike and hubby keeps wanting to buy me one!
    Take care and have a good week.
    Hugs Lyn

  3. What a You both look so happy on your bikes - it must be doing you good, physically and every other way, too. Carry on, Miss Marple!


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