Thursday, 19 July 2012

Be careful what you wish for ..

Deluges, floods and threatening dark skies ... yes, needless to say, it's Summer again here in the UK, so we packed our cases and flew off to Crete to enjoy some much anticipated guaranteed Greek sunshine last week and boy oh boy, did we find it ...

In fact with temperatures soaring into the high forties every day, we found a little more sunshine than we actually bargained on.

Although it was very relaxing to float in a rubber ring and read novels uninterrupted by real life, by midweek both Stuart and I were stir crazy because it was far too hot to do anything more than hide under the hacienda with a cool drink until tea time each day ... phew!

So all we saw of Crete were the beautiful mountains surrounding our villa and the local beach at sunset, which as you can imagine, was a bit frustrating for someone who loves to visit new places with her camera ...

Still, on the plus side, we did enjoy eating al fresco in the Bali tavernas (the local town which is a little like a Greek version of Margate - prettiest in the dark!) and the extreme heat forced us to stop in our tracks and rest, which I suppose is exactly what a holiday should achieve.

After our enforced inactivity, heat exhaustion, tummy bugs, over heating hire car, mains water being turned off at the most inconvenient times, grouchy Greek villa owner, goats in the geraniums and a rather intimidating escaped working dog hammering on our villa doors as we tried to sleep in temperatures hotter than Hades, we flew home over beautiful snow capped Alps towards the rain laden skies of England and without wishing to sound ungrateful, I couldn't help but think, as far as sunshine goes, you truly can have too much of a good thing ....

Come rain or shine, it's good to be home!


  1. Give me the cold and rain any time over soaring heat. (I just flake out when it gets over 39deg.) Sounds as though it was a holiday you wont forget.....

  2. OMG Paula.....phew that was a summer holiday to remember!
    Too much sun can kill yu too, I must admit that. I agree, it's not my cup of tea too and I would feel the same as you......bye bye sushine, hello rainy Dutch days!!!!!!! At least you can do something.
    It's def. good to be back home.

    Happy weekend, Thea x

  3. OMG - I hate extreme heat. Give me a sunny day with a light, cooling breeze and I'm in heaven. I think the hot weather may have followed you home, if the forecast is to be believed! We were thinking of a holiday in Crete at the end of June but Mike is waiting for an op, so we had a week in rainsoaked York instead.


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