Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A Straightforward Fellow

Very occasionally, a new bear watches his friends fly off to new homes, while he patiently waits his turn.  My lovely Noah has been one of those bears, but after seeing the reaction he received when I took him to the Stratford show in June, I just can't understand why he hasn't yet found someone to take care of him.  He received so many compliments at the show, almost moving one lovely lady to tears as she fell head over heels in love with him on the spot ... yet still he travelled back home with me when the show ended and has been keeping me company in my workroom ever since.

Poor Noah is starting to wonder if he's simply not fancy enough for today's teddy bear collectors.  He is a straightforward fellow there's no doubt, but I think that's where his charm lies ... he truly is 'teddy' through and through.  

If you are the kind of collector who could love an honest, 'no frills' teddy bear, Noah would love to hear from you!  This week he has put himself up for adotion on Ebay in the hope of finding a kind teddy bear person to share his days with ..

Could it be you?

UPDATE: I am very happy to be able to tell you, Noah has been adopted!


  1. Poor Noah,I'm sure he will find some one to love him very much, soon.

  2. Noah is a lovely bear and I'm sure there is someone out there who wants to give him a new home.

  3. I fully empathise with your feelings about Noah (by the way he is a darling). My experience has been similar. The mystery remains: what makes some take that final step of adopting a bear, and others - although they seem to love him - walk away 'beareft'? I know Noah will find someone to love him as you do very soon, and in the meantime he has shown us something of your heart.


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