Monday, 28 May 2012

Signed, sealed ...

My apologies, a week has flown past without a single bear post; I have been working on my bears - no really, I have!  The trouble is, I haven't only been working on my bears, I have also been busy planning a rather special event for this coming Autumn ...

Stuart and I are getting married!  

Ta da!!!!

So now you know that between bears, I have been preparing for our special day.  I truly had no idea how much time it would take to put the finishing touches to our wedding day, but we're getting there and last Friday afternoon, we visited our wedding venue to formalise the arrangements ... 

Signed, sealed and on a lovely Autumn day (with luck!) our wedding will at long last, be delivered!

(PS: Normal bear service will resume shortly!)


  1. Paula, I'm jumping with excitement. What a very special time for you, and your future hubby. Enjoy every minute of planning, every minute of the day, and love and contentment every day after. Congratulations.

  2. Oh, lovely! Here's wishing you a wonderful wedding day and many, many wonderful days of wedded bliss henceforth!

  3. Hooray! Congratulations! xx

  4. I'm thrilled for you and Stuart! What a special day it will be - hopefully, the weather will be spectacular! Congratulations!!



  5. Thats lovely news, happy planning!

  6. Hi Paula,

    I stopped by to offer my heartiest congratulations and to wish you a smooth, trouble free up-to-the-day time ahead and every wish for extraordinarily wonderful moments in the day and weeks and years after the big day! Have fun. Best wishes!


  7. A huge congratulations to both of you. Have fun with the planning.

  8. CONGRATULATIONS!!! to both of you ... (I am so excited for you)...

  9. Hey! Congrats to you both:o)) Hope you have a lovely and enjoyable day:o))
    Take care and have a good week.
    Hugs Lyn x

  10. Congratulations and best wishes for both of you.


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