Tuesday, 15 May 2012

First things first ...

How I would love to be able to show you a super neat workroom full of completed projects today, but the truth is, this week I'm running a little behind as my daughter has been unwell and unwell daughters need their mums, especially if they happen to be diabetic and particularly poorly.  So, as you can see, I have a desk covered with un-stuffed bear limbs, not to mention a variety of other half finished projects temporarily abandoned in my workroom.

I am hoping to turn my pile of mohair pieces into three lovely new teddy bears destined for 'The Bear Shop' in a week or two ... and see that pile of pennants?  Well, that's work-in-progress which hopefully will result in a lovely long length of bunting for a special day later this year.

And of course, there are my 'Teddy Bear Artist Event' show bears to continue work on; I do have a few new furry bums sat on my shelves ready for their big day out in Stratford Upon Avon in June, but there are more yet to bring to life!

On top of which, I have been invited to create a small limited edition to help the guys at Apple Pie House celebrate their 15th anniversary shortly and a special laughing bear edition for an old favourite of mine, the Teddies of Mt Holly shop in the US. 

Mum things first though,
Get well soon Fay xxx


  1. Youa are one busy Mum! I hope Fay is well soon!

  2. Family ALWAYS come first in my opinion. I do hope Fay will be feeling fine soon.
    Just do the Mum thing for her.

  3. Wow, I thought I was busy! I hope your daughter feels better soon, Paula!


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