Thursday, 8 March 2012

A New Direction

This little fellow made his way to my website for adoption this morning and was adopted so quickly I'm sure my head spun!  It seems my new 'Tiddlers' may well be a welcome addition to the wider All Bear family!

8" Harry

There's nothing quite like a speedy adoption to give a bear maker confidence when taking a new design direction, so thank you to everyone who has been so enthusiastic about this latest project!


  1. I saw this little guy this morning on FB. I think what I love about him is that I did not realize he was a little guy until I saw his size listed. He looks just like one of your big fellows. Gorgeous bear.

  2. I agree with Joanne - he looks like your larger bears. He's just a tad larger than my 6 1/2" ones. There's always room for different sizes in your work, Paula. Just think, the smaller they are, the more of them people have room for :o) He is just adorable.



  3. I didn't see Harry until now, but I am very enthusiastic about your new smaller bears. They are just as darling as your larger cuddlers. Congrats on Harry being adopted so quickly. He looks so soft and such a nice handful.

  4. I agree with the comments above, I didn't realize he was an 8" bear too. But he's beautiful Paula and like you said about his quick adoption, it's good to know that you're new design direction is much appreciated.
    Bearhugs, Thea

  5. Oh, he's wonderful!

    So cuddly. I have a soft spot for your lil uns :)

    Hugs, Sarah x


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