Tuesday, 5 October 2010

When the world stops turning.

Thank you so much for your kind messages of support during the past two weeks, they have brought me comfort during this sad time in my life.  Sometimes life is impossible to prepare for and the recent loss of our Dad has been one of those times.  Since childhood my four sisters and I, like most daughters I am sure, always believed Dad possessed super human powers and would be around forever.  Knowing that I won't be able to pick up the 'phone to talk to him, or sit and chat over a cuppa again, breaks my heart, but as so many of you have said, he may have slipped peacefully away, but I know he never will truly leave me.

As you can imagine, the past two weeks have been among the toughest of my life and for a moment I'm sure the world actually stopped turning, but with Dad's words ringing in my ears I have picked myself up, dusted myself down and will be trying my best to 'get on with it girl' ...

So, now it's time to think about moving forward once more and with a smile on my face, I'd like to share a little secret with you ... I have a wedding to plan! Yes, Stuart and I will be quietly 'tying the knot' next year.  Stuart proposed to me shortly before Dad passed away and happily, I had told Dad of our plans for the future and he was delighted for us.

Next week I will start work on my bears again because I feel the need to make my world normal after all that has happened.  Aside from work, plans are also afoot for a family Halloween party at the end of the month and it may give you a chuckle to learn I have purchased a new broomstick, pointy hat and full green witch costume in preparation!  (I've no doubt there are those who believe the broomstick to be my usual method of transport, but I can confirm, this will be the first time since leaving school, I have ever risen to the challenge of fancy dress!) and yes, I can genuinely tell you I am thoroughly looking forward to seeing my family dressed to impress this All Hallowes Eve!

Time to let our world turn again ...


  1. Sincere thoughts with you at this sad time, and yes you are right he will always be with you. You are part of him, as are your sisters and as time goes by you will see him in the actions and words of those around you.

    Congratulations as well to you and Stuart, may you have a wonderful wedding and a sensational life together. Love Beverley xxooxx

  2. Paula, I'm so happy for you, congratulations! You are going through the full circle of emotions at the moment. I'm sure your dear Dad would be thrilled to bits for you and want you to celebrate well. Hugs from down under

  3. Your dad looks to be a beautiful man....he will stay bright in your memory forever!

    My daughter has spent all week on a broom being a witch and brewing up a witchy brew of leaves, flowers, little toy animals and rainbow sparkly glitters...hope you have as much fun!!

    Congrads on the engagement too!
    Hugs Lindaxx

  4. Lovely to see you back blogging Paula after your tough time. Hugs x

    Many congratulations to you and Stuart - sending lots of best wishes to you both for your future together.

    Looking forward to seeing the Halloween outfit being modelled!! xx

  5. Paula, I know we don't really know each other but over the years you been a part of my life through bears. I cannot tell you how happy I was this morning to read that you would be planning you wedding and that your Dad knew this was your plan... he will definately be there. So congratulations my bear friend and I am glad that your world is starting to turn again! I cannot wait to hear about the Halloween party! Blessings to you and your family.

  6. Lovely news and so touching that your dad knew. Take care....

  7. Sometimes it is difficult to express what one is trying to say and other are far better than me...........so take each day.....one at a time, tears are your friend, they turn anger into sadness and sadness into memories............my thoughts are with you xx

  8. What great news! Congratulations to you both!!
    You have been in my thoughts and I'm glad that you're back blogging.
    Take care xx

  9. Nice to see you back Paula and ready to take on the world again:o)) Congrats to you both as well:o))
    Take care now.
    Hugs Lyn x

  10. I'm so sorry Paula, I know how your feel, it’s hard to lose someone who is the best as I expect your Dad was like mine, my hero and perfect in everyway.
    Congratulations on your engagement, I know your day will be truly special.

  11. I was so very sorry to hear your sad news Paula.I am having to face losing one of my parents, maybe all too soon, despite an ongoing battle.
    If you've appreciated every minute and been as close as anyone could, then that is the important part; no time was ever wasted and your memories will enrich your life forever.

    Congratulations on your happy announcement too!

    Heartfelt Hugs,
    Ruth x

  12. Thank you all so much for your thoughtful words, it's been a great help to read your comments.

    Ruth, I am so sorry to hear you are having such a tough time too, warmest hugs to you and your family xxx


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