Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Nikkety Nakkety Noo!

It would seem I am not the only one with a penchant for Halloween - this special Halloween clown bear was snapped up within moments of appearing on my website and even before I had the chance to introduce him to you!

20" 'Nikkety Nakkety Noo'

'Nikkety Nakkety Noo' was a heap of fun to make and I'm delighted with how he's come together, just in the nick of time for Halloween.

I will be indulging in some family hubble bubble myself this All Hallowes Eve ... yes this daft bear maker will be donning her 'emerald witch' outfit, complete with pointy hat and sparkly green fingernails and gathering with her coven of witchypoo sisters to dance around the cauldron at the witching hour! 

I hope you all enjoy a magical Halloween ... hocus pocus, let's have some fun!


  1. He's just wonderful Paula - am not suprised he's been claimed already! Have a good Halloween - looking forward to seeing the pics of your party! x

  2. He is lovely Paula ,I especially like his ruffle and buttons .I call my son Nick ,Nicky Nacky Noo !

  3. what a cute little bear! love him very much! best wishes and a nice weekend!


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