Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Delightful Daisy!

I thought you might like to see how my little Daisy has been getting along, so here are a few snaps taken over the past couple of weeks ... I think she's starting to enjoy having her photograph taken!

At 9 weeks old she discovered she was big enough to run up the scratch post and perch on top ...

This little kitty loves her girly pink play tunnel!

Daisy is 11 weeks old now and at three o-clock each afternoon she puts herself to bed for an afternoon nap.  Cute eh?!

As you can probably imagine, Daisy has become a much-loved member of our family and I am happy to say, is at long last pals with Puddle!  They spend the evening chasing each other from one end of the lounge to the other and back again ... and again ... and again!


  1. What a cutie... I love that she puts herself away to nap XD

  2. Darling pictures, Paula! Daisy is just adorable and I'm glad she has made friends with Puddles. Makes life much easier for all of you :o) Interestingly, my niece is fostering two female kittens, that are the spitting image of Puddles and Daisy. I think of yours, every time I see them.


  3. What an adorable baby! There is nothing sweeter than a kitten!


  4. She's such a poser Paula and absolutely yummy! Must come and meet her before she grows up too much xx

  5. She's so sweet, Paula! I'm more of a dog person, my hubby is allergic to cats, but I enjoy seeing them in a happy home!:)
    Hugs, and come to say hello when you have time! I miss you.

  6. Daisy is such a little darling! Thank-you for sharing her with us. My cats are all full-grown and I do love them terribly, but there's something so refreshing about a wee kitten! :)

  7. Daisy's gorgeous Paula, can't believe how fast she's growing. My friends cat recently had kittens and I've adopted one, the girls name lists had the flower names Lily and Poppy, but we've settled on Dolly as she loves sleeping in one of Eden's dolls carrycots! Glad she's getting on with Puddle, it gives me hope that mine might get along one day! xxx

  8. You captured her perfectly...
    she is no doubt a young lady...
    blessings ms

  9. Daisy is gorgeous Paula! A proper little sweetheart!

  10. Great to hear from you all! Thank you for popping in to see how Daisy is coming along x


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