Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A hop, skip and ... two work-in-progress bears.

After my last post, I thought it was about time I shared some work with you just to prove I haven't quite drifted away with the breeze!  Here is a little work-in-progress peek at two of the bears I have been working on for my next show 'The Teddy Bear Artist Event,' which takes place in beautiful Stratford Upon Avon on June 6th.

They aren't aren't quite finished yet and are waiting patiently on my workroom shelf for a few final fiddlings while I crack on with a few more bears.  I snapped this pic quickly on my new 'point 'n shoot' camera yesterday - it's a Canon Ixus 210 by the way and I really must read the book to find out how to use the camera properly;  I know it takes better pics than this ... I blame the photographer!

All in all, bear production hasn't been as successful as it should have been during the past few days, unfortunately my son dislocated his knee whilst playing football at the weekend, so we spent seven hours waiting for treatment in the Accident and Emergency department of our local hospital, which wasn't much fun as you can imagine!  Poor Anthony is now hopping around on crutches with a knee the size of a football.  Typically he was grateful the accident happened during his last match of the season, so he can be match fit again for next season's games ... boys and their footie eh?!

The Civic Hall, Rother Street, Stratford Upon Avon

Before I go, perhaps I should mention the bear show in detail for anyone who might like to visit!  It's a truly lovely bear show, celebrating the very best in teddy bear artistry.  It will take place at the Civic Hall in Rother Street, Stratford Upon Avon on Sunday 6th June and I do hope you can visit!

For full details, including the exhibitor's list, please visit http://www.teddybearartistevent.co.uk/


  1. Nice bears. Did you dye the pink? I wish your son a speedy recovery. Thanks for posting the photo of the venue. If I can't attend at least I can get an idea of where the show will be. Good luck with it too!


  2. Aww, what a lovely pair. Your son has my sympathy, I dislocated my knee 3 times in 2 weeks (tell him to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't go again) It took 9 months for mine to recover :o(


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