Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Careworn Pastel Collection

It feels like ages since I have had a new bear to share with you and all of a sudden, today I can share an entire collection of five!  I have been working hard finishing this collection for a shop in Scotland for the past few weeks. 

The Careworn Pastels Collection

13" Doolittle & 19" Higgins

13" Doolittle & 15" Porgy

Bess & Porgy both 15"

17" Eliza shown with 15" Porgy & Bess

I met Julieann, the owner of 'Silly Bears', at the Winter Bearfest show in London back in February when she visited my stand to view my work. We hit it off immediately and Julieann liked my bears so much she invited me to work with her.  So, if you were wondering why news on my bear front has been a little quiet lately, these lovely, shabby bears, destined for Silly Bears in Aberdeen, right up in Scotland, are the reason why.  By the way, the 'Careworn Pastels Collection' will be launched and available exclusively from Silly Bears later today!


  1. I love them all Paula - the colours are so lovely and the faces adorable. Julieann will no doubt be really pleased to have them in her shop - but I bet they don't stay there for long!! Thanks for sharing x

  2. Lovely, lovely bears!!!!! I love them!

  3. They're gorgeous, almost makes me want to visit Aberdeen!

  4. These are just beautiful Paula. I love them all. Thanks for sharing them with us before they go to the shop where they'll no doubt be adopted straight away.

  5. Thank goodness it's a shop in Scotland and not in Canada cause I wouldn't know which one to pick! They are all absolutely wonderful! I love this new look you are creating!

  6. Paula these 5 are utterly beautiful and I couldn't even select a favorite if I tried, love them all!

  7. They are too dreamy, just adore them all, wonderful job! xx

  8. These are fab!
    I do like it when bears look as though they've been well loved.



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