Thursday, 30 July 2009

A not so little Tinker

There's just enough time for me to share my latest design with you, before I don my chef's hat to prepare the evening meal! Introducing 'Tinker', a 20" scruffy bear with a waxed nose ... I hope you like him!

20" Tinker is now up for adoption at

31.07.09 Update: Tinker has been invited to Singapore to live!


  1. Scruffy or not, Tinker sure is a sweety.

  2. scruffy? oh no - he looks so amazed, as you can say such a thing! He is so nice.

  3. Oh he's just absolutely wonderful! Lovely color, lovely face!

  4. Hi Paula

    Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. Just wanted to thank you for sending Thinker so fast and he is totally adorable as well as one of the highlights of my collection. My friends want to come to my house to see your creation :)


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