Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Recharging my batteries!

Sorry, but I was absolutely shattered yesterday and simply couldn't scrape the energy to tell you about Sunday's Winter Bearfest show. I also had loads of administrative jobs to deal with in the morning, so by the time I finally found my armchair in the afternoon, I was about ready to collapse!
The 'All Bear' show stand
The show pleasantly surprised me after all the negativity continually broadcast on television over the past few months ... despite the economic doom and gloom, bear collectors were out in force and there was a considerably long queue snaking around the building before the doors opened.

A glimpse into our Winter Bearfest!
Once again, the Hugglets team pulled off their side of the deal by getting bear collectors to visit and then it was over to us bear artists to do 'our thing'. My thing is always to chat - it's great to be able to catch up with friends and collectors in person after you have been tucked away in your workroom for months!
20" Misty is now available direct from my website ... fabulous photograph courtesy of Tina Allingham Photography!

As you know, this time I only took big bears, so was prepared for a little caution from the British collectors because things are definitely tougher here in the UK at present. All my bears were much admired throughout the day, which was such a pleasure for me! Several sold during the show and afterwards, but it wasn't a sellout for me this time and today pretty 'Misty' is wondering when her special someone will claim her. She had much interest on the day and prior to the show, so I have made her available on my website in the hope someone will love her enough to invite her home very soon!

My clumsy first attempt at drawing a face with watercolour pencils ... hopefully with lots more practise mine will eventually look more like Sherry's beautiful finished face, bottom right!
As for me, I've promised myself a week away from bearcrafting; I need a break to recharge my batteries and so this week, will catch up with admin and treat myself to some extra curricular activity. In fact, I can now confess to booking an online doll-making course - I can't wait to get started on this new project! I have never made a doll before and have no idea what the poor creature will look like when completed, so watch this space! I also spent a pleasant couple of hours yesterday, practising doll faces using Sherry Goshon's fantastic 'Creating Watercolour Faces' book ... I am under no illusions that I will adapt to this art and think I will need to practise for quite some time if I am to achieve anything truly worth sharing, but I'm happy to tell you I am enjoying the process of learning again. I might be able to make bears, but I'm a long way from having any artistic confidence when it comes to painting or drawing!
Misty update: I'm delighted to be able to tell you Misty found a lovely new owner today and will be moving to France to live! Ooh la la!


  1. Enjoy yor break, I think you have earnt it!

  2. The course sounds great I hope you enjoy it. Can't wait to see the finished dolls.
    Poor Misty, I could be a surrogate mummy if you want, till her real one comes alone ;)
    Huggies Sue xx

  3. You are an amazing artist. I'm sure you will find dollmaking as delightful as bearmaking. Enjoy your mini-break. Hugs from Vicki and the Bears


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