Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Buttoned up my precious ...

Vintage 1960's 'aurora borealis' button

I forgot to tell you about the buttons on Clover's knitted jacket in my post yesterday ... these fabulous vintage 1960's 'aurora borealis' buttons turned up on Ebay some time ago and the magpie in me naturally honed in on them. By some miracle the other button magpies weren't scouring Ebay carefully enough that week and so I won several of these beauties! I tucked away 'my precious' (can you hear Gollom taking over now?!) stash for a while, taking it out to admire every so often before greedily hiding it away again, but when I held the last three buttons against Clover's jacket on Monday and saw how they brought it to life, I had to face facts, they were perfect ... sob!


  1. those buttons are just gorgeous Paula and work beautifully on her cardi - you really are good at knitting! I am actually going to be dying some wool felt any day now for a panda commission, just that colour! I need to go hunting for some blueberries. Dying is such fun isn't it :) Hugs, Catherine x

  2. Hi Paula, thanks for taking a peek at my Blog.It's all very new to me, you seem to have it sorted! I really enjoy reading your entries, I've never been a diary keeper so it will mean a bit of discipline for me, which may not be a bad thing!


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